Our Story

Launched in 2016, JockNATION is a men's underwear brand that specializes in hand (and machine) made-to-order jockstraps - produced in the USA, and sold and shipped in select locations worldwide.
Our goal, is to provide jockstrap underwear that is comfortable, attractive, and just as mainstream and wearable as a pair of briefs. They’re not taboo, they’re a new normal.

Did you know...

  • Our jockstraps use ultra soft fabrics ranging from -- cotton spandex to organic bamboo cotton to micromodal.
  • Each jockstrap is handcrafted. Starting with the fabric, each pouch, trim and waistband piece is cut new for your specific order when you order.
  • After lots of tweaks and adjustments, many guys say that our jockstraps are some of the most comfortable underwear they've worn.
  • Limited supply. Only 3 - 6 pieces from each jock style are sold. This means you won't run into 20 other guys with the same underwear as you.
Stay awesome. Add a pair to your wardrobe today.
--  Thomas,  Owner and Designer for JockNATION
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