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About JockNATION

“Swimsuits?! Nah bro, jockstraps.”

Founded in 2016, JockNATION is a men’s jockstrap underwear brand. The brand was initially started by founder and designer, Thomas, as a test. Try selling jockstraps, and if all goes well, open a men’s swimwear shop. Well, the jockstraps took off and here we are today! JockNATION has a somewhat unique business model that sets the brand apart from other similar retailers. 

  1. You place an order.
  2. We receive it. The underwear is then cut and sewn from scratch (made-to-order, in-house).
  3. Quality check.
  4. Your order is packaged and shipped to you.
  5. You wear them and enjoy just how great a JockNATION jock looks on you.

The Goal: Create beautiful jockstraps that fit your body, and your lifestyle.

The design philosophy is this: Deliver quality product with casual style, true-to-size fit, and real comfort. Always. JockNATION jockstraps are sold in small limited quantities per pouch design. This ensures that you receive a product that is a little more exclusive versus mass produced product. Producing limited quantities also allows for greater attention to detail and higher quality standards too! Try one.

Stay awesome,

Thomas, Founder of JockNATION