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How I Started A Business Making Jockstraps

Posted by Dana Thomas on

pouch being sewn on sewing machine

"Artisan jockstraps?"

"Handcrafted jockstraps?"

Sounds different, I know. However - it was a very fortunate accident that allowed me to create a shop selling "artisan jockstraps." By the way, I’m Thomas, the owner-designer-resident-jock-maker for JockNATION. Originally JockNATION, started out as an Etsy shop. I went to school for apparel design, and have some somewhat handy sewing skills. I figured I could start a shop, selling men’s swimwear that I produced myself. Simple enough, right? I had mastered making men’s brief and boxer brief underwear earlier, and the concepts are mostly the same.

So wait? Jockstraps aren’t swimwear.

I wasn’t actually sure if the shop would work to be honest. For whatever obscure reason, I decided I would try selling jockstraps that I would produce. If that worked, I would add in swimsuits. The components are fairly straightforward and the rest is pure technique. After a month of tinkering - sourcing fabric, drawing my own pouch patterns, testing out materials, etc., I finally launched JockNATION. On November 7, 2016 I received my first order, and a week later another order, and more after that. Gradually the original idea for a swimwear shop went away and I focused on a different direction. Jockstraps that were carefully made by hand (and sewing machine), and in smaller quantities. You don’t really want 500 other guys wearing what you have do you?

Today, JockNATION has been open for just over two years and carries what a couple guys have said are “the best jocks they’ve ever owned.”

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